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We're So FeTCH. [entries|friends|calendar]
It's like slang, from England.

Regina George
Gretchen Wieners
Karen Smith
Cady Heron
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[28 Feb 2005|11:22pm]

[1]We like it FeTCH

[27 Jan 2005|12:34pm]

I'm sorry to enform you guys that I will be deleting this community. I have no time to update anymore so Farwell!
We like it FeTCH

am i fetch!? [17 Jan 2005|09:28pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

doi have what it takes 2 be fetch!?Collapse )

[1]We like it FeTCH

application [30 Dec 2004|02:32am]

I make this FeTCH Collapse )
[10]We like it FeTCH

[13 Dec 2004|08:43pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

hey if anyone could give me any good ideas of things i can make friends for christmas thats kinda cheap comment please i would love some creative ideas!

i made all of my freinds those blankest that you cut slits and tie two peices of fleece together, last year. they are very comfy and warm, just to give you guys ideas if you want them!

[3]We like it FeTCH

[20 Nov 2004|06:36am]


Well guys I am in desperate need of a new mod to help me out with the comm. cuz I just do not have enough time to do it by myself. So I am electing 3 people that I think could do it and if you think you can or want to be a mod then comment and I will consider it:





[4]We like it FeTCH

i make this feTCH [15 Nov 2004|02:37pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

make this feTCHCollapse )

[10]We like it FeTCH

[05 Nov 2004|11:40pm]

Sorry all due to some recent events in my life i just dont have the time or energy to run this community so Im resigning as mod. your other mod Danielle can take over or do what she wants with it...

But Im out. Ill miss you.
[2]We like it FeTCH

[03 Nov 2004|08:00pm]

I make this FeTCHCollapse )
[10]We like it FeTCH

[01 Nov 2004|10:03am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

[10]We like it FeTCH

Lindsay Lohan icon and more... [29 Oct 2004|12:36am]

made some thought i'd share <333
take a lookCollapse )
[4]We like it FeTCH

[22 Oct 2004|08:26pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

hey babies


go on just say it, you need me like a bad habit..Collapse )

[9]We like it FeTCH

a suggestion. [21 Oct 2004|01:44pm]
i think if we made the entires page look better, more people would join. to be honest its not very "fetch" and mean girls looking. i am pretty good at making signs n such, so ide love to help. just an idea. not meaning to offend anybody.
[6]We like it FeTCH

Join!!! [17 Oct 2004|10:57am]

[ mood | confused ]


[2]We like it FeTCH

I make this FeTCH [16 Oct 2004|10:28pm]
ApplicationCollapse )
[13]We like it FeTCH

I make this FeTCH [16 Oct 2004|12:09am]

[ mood | hyper ]

dude..my application..Collapse )

[8]We like it FeTCH

accepted?? [16 Oct 2004|05:00pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

i havent been officially accepted...but just wondering when i was going to be..??

[1]We like it FeTCH

just a suggestion [15 Oct 2004|02:23pm]

[ mood | creative ]

hey i know im not a mod but i was wondering if we could have like themes or something every 3 weeks to a month.i just thought it would be cool to do that. i have seen other communities with themes and it seems fun. let me know what you guys (mostly meaning the mods cuz yeah)think.

<3michele...\m/(>.<)\m/ woot woot! rock on dudes

We like it FeTCH

I make this FeTCH [14 Oct 2004|01:05am]
applicationCollapse )
[11]We like it FeTCH

Mod Post [13 Oct 2004|05:49pm]

Hey girls we need new members. We havent had a new application in days so Im setting a goal. I want all of the accepted members to promote in at least 3 NEW places and post the links in a comment. Biggest promoter gets a prize! lol So promote your little FeTCH asses off.
[1]We like it FeTCH

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